Paul Lindgren – Where We’ve Been (2018)

Posted by Green on September 12, 2018
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“Where We’ve Been” is the debut album from new artist, Paul Lindgren, released in September of 2018. Paul is the sole composer, musician and vocalist on all tracks, excluding violin and cello tracks on “Song of Treason” and “Castaway”, performed by musician and friend, Tony Stedge. The entire album was self recorded in Paul’s home studio in Indianapolis, Indiana and released as an Indie project (as all mixing, mastering and direction of the album was self-produced).

The full 14 track listing on the album is a compilation of original songs composed by Paul over several years, starting with the opening track of the album composed when he was 16 years old, stretching through the final track composed in 2017. The album chronicles a conceptual sub-story line of downfall, rejection, judgment and struggle and ends in grace, love and redemption. As the storyline depicts a metaphorical/imaginary sub plot, each song was written from a true, biographical perspective of real events that happened in Paul’s life. While the true meanings and inspirations of the songs may or may not remain a mystery to the listener, the message of each song individually and cohesively as a unit is real, apparent and accessible.

The full instrumentation list for the album consists of Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass Guitar, Rhythm Electric Guitar, Lead Electric Guitar, Slide Electric Guitar, Dobro, Accordion, Harmonica, Organ, Triangle, Xylophone, Celeste, Tambourine, Shaker, Rocking Chair and Stomp/Tap/Clap/Slap Percussion. The musical style has been compared to John Mayer with Beach Boys-esc harmonies.

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