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Paul Maurice Kelly AO (born 13 January 1955) is an Australian rock music singer-songwriter and guitarist. He has performed solo, and has led numerous groups, including the Dots, the Coloured Girls, and the Messengers. He has worked with other artists and groups, including associated projects Professor Ratbaggy and Stardust Five. Kelly’s music style has ranged from bluegrass to studio-oriented dub reggae, but his core output straddles folk, rock, and country. His lyrics capture the vastness of the culture and landscape of Australia by chronicling life about him for over 30 years. David Fricke from Rolling Stone calls Kelly “one of the finest songwriters I have ever heard, Australian or otherwise.” Kelly has said, “Song writing is mysterious to me. I still feel like a total beginner. I don’t feel like I have got it nailed yet”.

1981 Talk & The Dots) Vinyl
1982 Manila (And the Dots)
1985 Post
1987 Gossip (& The Coloured Girls) (2CD)
1987 Gossip (& The Coloured Girls) 2010
1987 Under The Sun (& The Coloured Girls)
1989 So Much Water So Close To Home (& The Messengers)
1991 Comedy (And The Messengers)
1992 Hey Boys (& Mark Symour) (Single)
1992 Hidden Things (& The Messengers)
1992 Live, May 1992
1994 Everynight… Everynight (EP)
1994 Love Never Runs on Time (Single)
1994 Song From the Sixteenth Floor (Single)
1994 Wanted Man
1995 Deeper Water
1996 Live At The Continental And The Esplanade
1997 Songs From The South. Paul Kelly’s Greatest Hits (2010) (2CD)
1998 A Mandolin Album
1998 Words And Music
1999 Smoke (with Uncle Bill)
2001 … Nothing But A Dream
2004 Ways & Means (2CD)
2005 Foggy Highway
2005 Roll On Summer (EP)
2007 Live Apples
2007 Stolen Apples
2008 Rarities (1977-2008) (Bootleg)
2010 The A to Z Recordings (Live, 8CD)
2012 Spring And Fall
2013 Conversations With Ghosts
2013 Goin’ Your Way (& Neil Finn) (2CD)
2014 The Merri Soul Sessions
2016 Seven Sonnets & A Song (EP)
2016 Death’s Dateless Night (& Charlie Owen)
2017 Life Is Fine
2018 Nature
2019 Live at Sydney Opera House
2019 Thirteen Ways To Look At Birds (& James Ledger)
2021 Paul Kelly’s Christmas Train

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    Thanks, Green for this and all the other discographies. And thanks for including Flac files in some releases (in theory, I should be able to tell the difference, right?).
    And thanks to Zorn for starting this blog.

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