Paul Anka – Sessions (2022)

Posted by Green on June 30, 2022
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Paul Anka, the legendary crooner and unofficial Rat Pack member, returns with an all-new album of iconic American standards called Sessions. For this record, the songwriter chose songs by some of his favorite contemporary songwriters including “Angelina,” originally written and performed by Bob Dylan. The focus track “It Was A Very Good Year” was written by his friend Ervin Drake and made a household favorite swan song by his close comrade, Frank Sinatra.


1. It Was A Very Good Year (4:25)
2. If You Walk Away (4:24)
3. Farewell, Angelina (5:43)
4. It Doesn’t Matter Anymore (3:51)
5. I’m Helpless (3:44)
6. Can’t Break Free (4:23)
7. Love Never Felt So Good (3:42)
8. Since I Don’t Have You (3:36)
9. Sorry Now (4:09)
10. Do I Love You (You Should Know By Now) (4:32)
11. Strangers In The Night (2:56)
12. Lonely Boy (2:46)

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