Pat Travers – The Art of Time Travel (2022)

Posted by Green on August 18, 2022as

320 | FLAC

The blues rock icon and guitar-slingin’ wizard returns with a masterful new studio album!Musically, the album harkens back to the muscular playing of Travers’ late ’70s hey day while tackling current subjects from the COVID quarantine (“Breaking Up In Lockdown”) to Travers’ tribute to his friend and mentor Ronnie Montrose (“Ronnie”)!


1. The Art of Time Travel (4:34)
2. Ronnie (3:21)
3. No Worries at All (5:30)
4. Over and Over (5:39)
5. Push Yourself (4:00)
6. Move On (7:48)
7. Full Spectrum (4:44)
8. Breaking up in Lockdown (3:43)
9. I Feel Good (3:46)
10. Natalie (4:49)


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