Paal Flaata – In Demand (2002)

Posted by Green on September 10, 2019as

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In addition to a handful of suspected drugs, Midnight Choir is by far the safest you can take if you seek complete peace of mind. The Skiens band has long had a monopoly on creating some of the foremost in low-key music here in Norway. Records like Amsterdam Stranded, Unsung Heroine, and most recently; Waiting For the Bricks To Fall, in my opinion, is all of the very best kosher rock material here in the country. A little strange, but at the same time, that’s why Paal Flaata, the glittering vocalist in the Midnight Choir, actually chooses a slightly different angle when announcing his solo debut with In Demand.

In Demand is a pure cover album. In other words, Flaata has not written any of the songs himself, but the 11 songs that have been seated here are hand-picked by the telemarking even under the criterion of being his favorite songs. So he will now convey these to us in his own way. Okay, but there’s something missing … Where someone like Thomas Dybdahl, with his beautiful debut That Great October Sound, chooses a Midnight Choir-related and low-key style, Flaata searches for the southern states of the United States and for soul and gospel. The reason I choose to mention the great Dybdahl release is that I am a little disappointed that Flaata himself did not make any of the songs, but chooses to run “safe” on previously ascended paths. Flaata might have come to Dybdahl in advance, but it’s really more of a personal digression.

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