Nirvana – Under The Covers (2019)

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While Kurt Cobain remained a superb writer of modern anthems and unique rock compositions, across his tragically short career, Nirvana were never reluctant to perform the songs of others. Indeed, throughout their journey the band championed both their close musical colleagues and the tracks that had influenced them along the way or which they just had an obscure liking for. This 18 track collection brings together live broadcast recordings of tracks performed by Nirvana but on which none of the band members get a credit. Featuring the good, the bad and – on occasion – the ugly, these recordings nevertheless reveal a little more about Nirvana than one would attain from listening only to their studio albums.


01. Seasons In The Sun (3:01)
02. Immigrant Song (1:57)
03. Raunchola/Moby Dick (4:33)
04. Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam (5:38)
05. I Wanna Be Your Dog (4:51)
06. I Feel Fine (1:07)
07. Should I Stay Or Should I Go (2:27)
08. Gypsies Tramps And Thieves (2:20)
09. Bad Moon Rising (2:31)
10. Rio (2:36)
11. 867-5309/Jenny (2:12)
12. Do You Love Me (3:27)
13. Dazed And Confused (4:20)
14. D-7 (4:45)
15. The End (2:21)
16. The Man Who Sold The World (3:24)
17. Baba O’Riley (3:11)
18. Here She Comes Now (4:44)

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