Nine Below Zero – Avalanche (2019)

Posted by Green on October 4, 2019as

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An artist must capture what surrounds them, they must let the first drop of snow that touches their outstretched hands become the Avalanche that engulfs all their senses, their reason and their passion. No matter the temperature that others insist upon, their point of view of information overload, the cold air of realism is such that the environment is, if not forever changed, then at least altered and the scene amended.

The long-held dream can often allude us, it lives in the sunlight surrounded by good thoughts and optimism, and yet reality dictates that the avalanche of truth is best sighted from the cold and dark introspection that comes with legitimacy. It is a truth held open for others to help nurture by Dennis Greaves and Nine Below Zero, a storm of quality and quantity that helps wipe the slate clean and presents a new canvas to draw upon.

This scenic expanse is reflected by the eight-piece ensemble put together by Dennis Greaves, the art of digging deep in the flurry of the unexpected, the delivery of the orchestral tones amongst the commotion of the gusts and winds of change, it is one that delivers without fuss, instead relying on protest, argument and the hope of the chain reaction will enthuse others to make a stand as the wind chill factor of political dogma strangles the lifeblood from society.

Whether in songs such as I Wanna Be A Wanna Be, Race To The Bottom, Hey Siri! (Go_ Yourself), Picture No Sound, Breadhead and I Drink But I Don’t Get Drunk, the band go big on sound and performance across the board. The captivating resonance is sincere, as it should always be but it is also rigorous, wide-ranging, and as Dennis Greaves, Mark Feltham, Sonny Greaves, Ben Willis, Charlie Austen, Tom Monks, Chris Rand and Dave Boraston bring their own depth of character to the proceedings and turn it into a connected unit, the individuality of the session is to be admired and looked up as a sacred reminder of what can come out of impact and pressure.

A stunning album born of fire, a reminder that sometimes we have the personality to weather any storm and come out fighting for what is right. ~Ian D. Hall

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