Nina Hagen – Unity (2022)

Posted by Green on December 8, 2022as

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With her ninth solo album, the singer is refreshingly unpredictable even at the age of 67.
It gurgles, rubs, roars, scratches. Nina Hagen is back. After eleven years, the once self-proclaimed godmother of punk has recorded a new album. “Unity” is yet another proof of the singer’s range. Whether harder tones, calm pop, excellent funk or lulling ballads – the 67-year-old has put together eleven songs that are a mix that is well worth listening to.
“The album is the fulfillment of a dream,” says Hagen in an interview with the German Press Agency in Berlin. “During the time of Corona, my circus horse-like performances could no longer take place. There were no more live concerts, but the production of the album continued diligently. More patience was required at the time. Patience was the yoga exercise of the hour.”

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