New American Farmers – Brand New Day (2013)

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Paul Knowles and Nicole Storto are New American Farmers, a country-tinged duo currently based in Berkeley, CA. Formerly known as Mars, Arizona they have reinvented themselves with the new full-length Brand New Day. The Byrds are a huge influence, but there is room for some college rock as well (Open Arms) and pub rock pops up during Hypocrite.The sole cover on the album is ELO’s Can’t Get It Out Of My Head, driven by Knowles’ pedal steel and the crystal clear voice of Storto. Brand New Day is an album that doesn’t care about the limitations of hardcore Americana. Rootsy, but adventurous, the duo’s change of pace could allow them to break out of their niche. Recommended if you like CSN and the heyday of Laurel Canyon music in general. Caveat: the closing track Sunday Market is a sonice tapestry of field recordings with a lonesome trumpet as the sole instrument. Think Pink Floyd’s Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast transferred to US countryside.

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