Muse – Drones (2015)

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Skimming through the rock stratosphere carrying a riff payload capable of levelling entire districts, Muse drift further off radar. Down on earth, the stage is set for the uprising they foresaw back on 2009’s ‘The Resistance’ – protest marches are already descending on Whitehall to rally against another five years of Conservative government. But instead Matt Bellamy’s eyes are to the skies, squinting at his next obsession: drone warfare.

The 36-year-old’s new fascination with the backroom soldiers who “kill by remote control”, might mark a frustrating shift away from immediate, tangible issues, but when you take into account Muse’s own story arc, it’s an unavoidable one. After ‘The Resistance’ and 2012’s ‘The 2nd Law’ tackled globalised control and shrinking natural resources, Muse doing a full-on concept album was as inevitable as a Kanye Glasto backlash. ‘Drones’, the trio’s seventh album, follows the story of a soldier trained to be a brainless killing machine, becoming disillusioned by the blind brutality of battle, rebelling and rising to power himself.

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