Muleskinner Jones – A Dying Man Can Sure Sing The Blues (2013)

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With a name like Muleskinner Jones it’s an easy guess that there will be country-blues in the mix, and there are indeed on this Brit’s newest release: A Dying Man Can Sure Sing the Blues, there’s noisy noir rock as well, but those are just the touch stones, the stepping stones…

This is bizarro blues and achronic country, the 10 tunes on this recording manage to be simultaneously pre-rock and post-psychedelic, the sort of all-bets-are-off gonzo roots music that might happen if The Legendary Pink Dots decided to twang things up a bit and wear cowboy hats.

And it’s good, really good. The sort of good where you’re listening to powerful, accessible blues-rock, and then you’re staring at your stereophonic system wondering what the hell just happened to the song.

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