Morgan Haner – Transmitter Blues (2017)

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Morgan Haner and the Transmitters were formed through Morgan’s years-long friendship with Max Lockwood, the bassist and lead singer of Big Dudee Roo. After having amassed a collection of over 25 unpublished songs, Morgan enlisted Max’s help, along with the help of Big Dudee Roo bandmates Justin Dore and Nate Wagner, and Crane Wives drummer Dan Rickabus. They soon settled on a studio in Centennial Sound, the brainchild of recording engineer and Crane Wives bassist Ben Zito.

They spent four 10-hour days in the spring of 2015 laying the foundation for fifteen tracks, all of which found their way onto the album, which came to be known as “Transmitter Blues.”

Over the course of the next year and a half, “Transmitter Blues” blossomed into an intricate, detailed work of folk singer/songwriting thanks to musical contributions from E Fink (Hammond organ) of The Giving Tree Band, Sarah Barker (vocals) of Look Out Lincoln, May Erlewine (violin), and Samantha Cooper (violin).

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