Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia – Blood Brothers (2023)

Posted by Green on March 14, 2023as

320 | FLAC


Produced by Contemporary Blues Legend Joe Bonamassa, Blood Brothers is a statement of artistic collaboration and friendship. Mike Zito and Albert Castiglia are true “Blood Brothers” in life and in the music they create both individually and collectively, joining forces in a collaborative effort of songwriting and performances to create a total listening experience greater than the sum of its parts.


1. Hey Sweet Mama (3:36)
2. In My Soul (4:48)
3. Tooth and Nail (4:40)
4. Fool Never Learns (3:27)
5. A Thousand Heartaches (5:00)
6. My Business (2:52)
7. You’re Gonna Burn (4:32)
8. Bag Me, Tag Me, Take Me Away (3:00)
9. No Good Woman (4:52)
10. Hill Country Jam (6:56)
11. One Step Ahead of the Blues (3:50)

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