Michael Gira – Drainland (2017)

Posted by on May 16, 2017as

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‘Drainland’ was originally released in 1995 and was Michael Gira’s first outing without fellow Swans member Jarboe. Swans were a band known for their intense, searing noise so interestingly ‘Drainland’ is a largely acoustic record. None of Gira’s robust darkness is lost however; opener ‘See Through Me’ begins with a dragged low-cello rumble and looped vocal wails before drifting into acoustic bliss. The two worlds seem to meet perfectly, creating a record closer to Tom Waits’ work than Gira had previously approached – now ten years on we are far more accustomed to Gira’s diverse tastes, not only does he curate the Young God label but he has time to perform and write as The Angels of Light and under his own name. While ‘Drainland’ may have shocked Swans fans at the time, now it is likely to be welcomed with open arms, as the beginnings of his subtler leanings were emerging through doomy poetry. Just skip straight to ‘Why I Ate My Wife’ for the finest example of this; a gothic, chiming dirge with a rich emotional core that slowly reveals itself with repeat listens. An essential purchase for any Gira fan – highly recommended.

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