Merrell and The Exiles – The Early Years 1964-1967 (1993)

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This is a selection of rarities and unreleased material by Fankhauser’s mid-’60s band, essentially the one that cut the great rare psych-folk-rock album that was credited to Fapardokly. It’s pretty much a collection of outtakes with a few rare non-LP singles thrown in, and as such doesn’t measure up to the best of Fankhauser’s ’60s material. Often derivative of the British Invasion, folk-rock, and early ’60s teen pop, it’s not bad, just not terribly memorable. The fake British Invasion of cuts like “Send Me Your Love” rank as the highlights. It also has his late-’60s non-LP single cover of Fred Neil’s “Everybody’s Talkin’,” although for some reason it’s missing one of his mid-’60s non-LP 45s, “Can’t We Get Along”/”That’s All I Want From You” — it was reissued on a rarities tape that Merrell himself released, if you can find it. Future Mu and Captain Beefheart guitarist Jeff Cotton appears on most of the tracks; future Beefheart drummer John French also appears on a few.

Merrell Fankhauser – guitar, vocals
Jeff Cotton – guitar, vocals (future member of Capitain Beefhart)
Jim Furguson – bass
Greg Hampton – drums
Larry Willey – bass, vocals
John Day – organ, vocals
Mark Thompson – guitar, keyboards

Dan Martin – drums
John French – drums
Dick Lee – drums
Bill Dodd – guitar, vocals
Jim Gordan – drums
Al Casey – guitar
Larry Knectel – piano
John Oliver – bass

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