Matty Charles & Katie Rose – Catching Arrows (2016)

Posted by admin on September 10, 2019
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Matty Charles was at the forefront of the old-time & folk music resurgence that began in Brooklyn, NY in the early 2000’s. Like the revival that took place 50 years earlier in Greenwich, Village, the scene revolved around several local venues and a handful of musicians. Pete’s Candy Store, a small bar in a neighborhood of old tenements was ground zero and Charles and his trio, the Valentines, maintained a weekly gig there that earned them a devoted following. While living in New York, Charles released four records, composed the musical score for a film and had a cameo as himself in director, Hal Hartley’s film, Meanwhile.

In 2012, Charles returned to his hometown, Portland, Oregon to be closer to his family and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest where he joined forces with Katie Rose after a chance meeting at The Landmark Saloon, a local country music venue. After discovering a unique magic in their combined voices they began collaborating on the material that would become their debut release, Catching Arrows. While the duo’s country and folk roots are clearly reflected in their close harmony singing, there is also an element of their musical style that places them in a category all their own. Charles’s undeniable gift for songwriting is the backbone of this dynamic duo. The honesty and simplicity with which he explores themes of love, loss and longing is poignant and captivating.

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