Marvin Pontiac – The Asylum Tapes (2017)

Posted by admin on December 12, 2017as

320 kbps | 116 MB | LINKS

Marvin Pontiac The Asylum Tapes (Strange & Beautiful Music, 2017) is the work that John Lurie has recorded in complete solitude, looking at the ghosts and fears of an illness to proceed towards the irrational of his own unconscious, descending to the bottom of the primordial nature of the instincts. it is a rocky disc, raw and wildly naked.
guitar, harmonica, banjo, a splendid and corrupt voice that overlaps itself: a guttural voice, which grunts, gasps and sighs. and then environmental noises, rattles, chains, rubbing of hands and various trinkets. all drowned in an idea of blues dazed in obsessive patterns, in the marshy mud of the Delta and in the gospel made at home with grunts and gargles. a black and white disc, dull and dusty: like the blues lost on the edge of the recording incident, like the unhealthy days of imprisonment, like a song of work to the chain!

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