Marty Robbins – The Lost Recordings – Unreleased Live (2020)

Posted by Green on February 3, 2020as



01. As Time Goes By (Live)
02. Maybelline (Live)
03. Call Me Up (Live)
04. I’ll Go On Alone (Live)
05. Kneel and Let the Lord Take Your Load (Live)
06. Long Tall Sally (Live)
07. You Call That Waiting (Live)
08. At the End of a Long Lonely Day (Live)
09. I Can’t Quit (I’ve Gone Too Far) (Live)
10. Who At My Door Is Standing (Live)
11. Blessed Jesus Should I Fall Don’t Let Me Lay (Live)
12. Singing the Blues (Live)
13. Knee Deep in the Blues (Live)
14. There Is Power in the Blood (Live)
15. Have Thine Own Way Lord (Live)
16. Rose of Old Pawnee (Live)
17. An Evening Prayer (Live)
18. Sweet Lies (Live)
19. Pray for Me Mother of Mine (Live)
20. Just Married (Live)
21. Cap and Gown (Live)
22. Last Night About This Time (Live)
23. Ain’t I the Lucky One (Live)
24. El Passo (Live)
25. The King and I (Live)
26. Running Gun (Live)
27. Blue Christmas (Live)
28. Jingle Bells (Live)
29. Winter Wonderland (Live)
30. Silent Night (Live)
31. Silver Bells (Live)
32. Auld Lang Syne (Live)

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