Martha Redbone Roots Project – The Garden of Love: Songs of William Blake (2012)

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Singer Martha Redbone had a vision: set the poems of William Blake (1757-1827) to music. Redbone grew up on Appalachian folk music and gospel, and both genres ended up om what would become the Martha Redbone Roots Project. The Garden of Love – Songs of William Blake is a landmark album that should propel her to the forefront of the folk scene. With a voice that comes close to Joan Armatrading, Redbone gets to the core of Blake’s words, adding soul and swing to poems that were penned 200 years ago. Redbone wrote all the music with Aaron Whitby and John McEuen, exploring the various niches of folk and Americana, creating a patchwork of styles that all fit wraps itself around the listener like a favorite blanket.

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