Mariee Sioux – Faces In The Rocks (2007)

Posted by on August 10, 2013
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coverMariee Sioux’s impressive debut album Faces In The Rocks is one of those rare concoctions of beautiful simplicity and haunting intricacies that is absolutely captivating and timeless. Mariee’s sweet voice and poetic folk song structures call to mind Kath Bloom or Marissa Nadler, yet her delicate arrangements mix elements of bluegrass and Native American music. Sioux has shared the stage with kindred spirit Alela Diane.
The beguiling “Wizard Flurry Home” opens the album. Mariee’s voice and the surface melody sound like a crossbreed of Joni Mitchell and Mazzy Star, yet the ghostly flute provided by Native American multi-instrumentalist Gentle Thunder bestows a deeper dimension to the song.
“Buried In Teeth” weaves that chilling flute, militant percussion, the hermit mythos of Jandek, and the angelic trills of Joan Baez into a retro pop-folk melody complete with a cultish backing choir. The Native American flute steals the spotlight on the mesmeric “Wild Eyes”.
The exotic “Two Tongues” is a heady blend of Sioux’s transcendental vocals, sprawling narrative lyrics, Gentle Thunder’s spellbinding flute, and mandolin courtesy of Mariee’s father Gary Sobonya.
The pretty “Bundles” is played in a more traditional folk style, with a gently intricate strum beneath Mariee’s seraphic voice as she susurrates the trance inducing verses.

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