Maraya Zydeco – Maraya Zydeco Sessions (2017)

Posted by Green on June 11, 2018as

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Maraya Zydeco’s brand new album is in the oven… slowly cooking, step by step, at the hot that warm up her accordion… By now, we let you listen –and if you want, download and buy from Bandcamp- her first tune: “Flechazo” composed by Lee Wolfe. “… The accordion played crazyly by María Álvarez, as if she were grown up in the deep and old Louisisna…” Manuel de la Fuente, ABC journalist, wrote this while he was talking about “Woody Guthrie Revisited”, the Lee Wolfe’s record where Maraya Zydeco played proving she is a great artist, and deserves to be followed. But Maraya wasn’t born down in Louisiana. She was born in Gijón, a nice town nearby the Cantabric Sea, northern Spain. There was where her career started. So long carrer. Now she’s a teacher and undisputed musician who put togheter, in the same biography, the classical music and roots music. She adapted her virtuoso-technique to a good blues, rock’n roll or any zydeco or cajun sound –besides traditional roots music from northern spain, and so and so…-. No matter: Elvis, Muddy Waters, Piazzolla or Beau Jocque. María “Maraya Zydeco” Álvarez, has settled her skill in musical shows based on asturian traditional compositions and tunes in “Nel Camín” (On the road), “Torner” (The most important composer and musicologist ever in Asturias, as a spanish Alan Lomax) (Ed. Ámbitu, 2007). She performed and recorded for Lee Wolfe’s bands as Ástura, Anabel Santiago, Asturiana Mining Company…and, of course, The Blues Rangers.

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