Manassas – Pieces (1971/2009)

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Manassas was one of the most talented units in music at the time. Equally at home with Latin jams, rock, blues, country, folk, and bluegrass, they were also one of the most versatile outfits in rock history.

Formed in 1971 from the sessions for what was going to be Stills’ third solo album, the chemistry of the musicians he gathered was so intense that before long they were a full-fledged band. With an album completed (at hotspot Criteria Studios in Miami), the group was still without a name. Yet despite this they embarked on a small tour. At a train station in Manassas, VA, a picture of the group standing under a Manassas sign was taken, giving birth to their name and, conveniently, the album cover.

Equally at home on-stage as in the studio, the band’s shows often stretched to three hours, usually in the format of an opening rock set, a solo Stills acoustic set, Hillman and Perkins playing bluegrass, another rock and country set by the band, and a closing acoustic set. Manassas’ tours took them all over the world and, while in Paris in March 1972, Stills met French singer/songwriter Veronique Sanson. In the next year they would be married, with a son, Chris, born not long after (later to be a recording artist in his own right). Stills and Lala (along with later Manassas member Kenny Passarelli) would also play on her 1974 release Le Maudit.


1. Witching Hour – 5:12
2. Sugar Babe – 4:19
3. Lies (Chris Hillman) – 3:07
4. My Love Is A Gentle Thing – 1:23
5. Like A Fox – 2:58
6. Word Game – 1:35
7. Tan Sola Y Triste (Stills, Nelson Escoto) – 1:23
8. Fit To Be Tied – 3:49
9. Love And Satisfy (Hillman) – 1:57
10. High And Dry – 5:52
11. Panhandle Rag (Leon McAuliffe) – 1:58
12. Uncle Pen (Bill Monroe) – 1:53
13. Do You Remember The Americans – 1:49
14. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music) (Joe Maphis, Max Fidler, Rose Lee Maphis) – 2:16
15. I Am My Brother – 3:24

Stephen Stills – Vocals, Guitar
Al Perkins – Pedal Steel Guitar
Joe Lala – Congas
Dallas Taylor – Drums
Calvin Samuels – Bass
Paul Harris – Piano
Byrone Berline- Fiddle
Roger Bush – Bass
Ricky Roberts – Guitar, Vocals
Bobby Whitlock – Keyboards
Bonnie Raitt – Vocals
Joe Walsh – Guitar
Chris Hillman – Mandolin

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