Lou Rhodes – Theyesandeye (2016)

Posted by on July 21, 2016
in folk

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Aside from her electro trip-hop neversurewhattomakeofthem duo Lamb, with whom she’s released six albums, Lou Rhodes is also an acoustic folksy singer songwriter, dontchaknow. On her first (Mercury nominated) solo album Beloved One and on her subsequent releases, she established her sound as a sort of slightly vaguely mystical, quasi pagan version of the singer songwriter genre. On this fourth album, Theyesandeye, we hear…more of the same.

And ‘more of the same’ is perfectly pleasant throughout, but it’s not exactly what you’d call captivating. Rhodes has a lovely voice, and the mainly acoustic guitar driven music is often pretty. The instrumentation is subtly more complex than on her previous work, making interesting use of strings, harps, percussion and other instruments for isolated licks that come across very deliberate and feel like they almost just about mean something, but not quite enough to hold your attention for the whole album.

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