Lou Reed – The RCA and Arista Album Collection (2016)

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Lou Reed – The RCA & Arista Album Collection brings together–for the first time in one comprehensive anthology 16 groundbreaking studio and live album titles written, recorded (and often produced) by Reed as a solo artist following the 1970 dissolution of the Velvet Underground.

Each of the 16 albums (Lou Reed Live Take No Prisoners, from November 1978, fills 2CDs) in the 17CD library was newly remastered under Lou’s direct personal supervision, a long-term project completed shortly before the artist’s passing, at 71, on October 27, 2013.

“This box set was Lou’s last project. He oversaw the remastering of all of his solo recordings made for RCA and Arista Records….This work was done at New York’s Masterdisk in June and July 2013, with engineer Vlado Meller and Rob Santos of Sony/Legacy,” Hal Willner wrote in his liner notes for Lou Reed – The RCA & Arista Album Collection. “Everyone who was in that room or around Lou during this period witnessed a beautiful thing as he enthusiastically relived that whole period of his work with the joy of rediscovery, excitedly pointing out subtleties in sounds he hadn t heard in years. In retrospect, reminiscing about these sessions done less than four months before he died, the moments seem even more magnified.”

CD1 Lou Reed:

01. I Can’t Stand It
02. Going Down
03. Walk and Talk It
04. Lisa Says
05. Berlin
06. I Love You
07. Wild Child (Remastered)
08. Love Makes You Feel
09. Ride Into the Sun
10. Ocean

CD2 Transformer:

11. Vicious
12. Andy’s Chest
13. Perfect Day
14. Hangin’ ‘Round
15. Walk On the Wild Side
16. Make Up
17. Satellite of Love
18. Wagon Wheel
19. New York Telephone Conversation
20. I’m So Free
21. Goodnight Ladies

CD3 Berlin:

22. Berlin (1973 Version)
23. Lady Day
24. Men of Good Fortune
25. Caroline Says I
26. How Do You Think It Feels
27. Oh Jim
28. Caroline Says II
29. The Kids
30. The Bed
31. Sad Song

CD4 Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal (Live):

32. Intro / Sweet Jane (Live [1973 Version])
33. Heroin (Live)
34. White Light / White Heat (Live)
35. Lady Day (Live)
36. Rock ‘N’ Roll (Live)
37. Ride Sally Ride
38. Animal Language
39. Baby Face
40. N.Y. Stars
41. Kill Your Sons
42. Ennui
43. Sally Can’t Dance
44. Billy

CD5 Metal Machine Music:

45. Metal Machine Music, Pt. 1
46. Metal Machine Music, Pt. 2
47. Metal Machine Music, Pt. 3
48. Metal Machine Music, Pt. 4

CD6 Coney Island Baby:

49. Crazy Feeling
50. Charley’s Girl
51. She’s My Best Friend
52. Kicks
53. A Gift
54. Ooohhh Baby
55. Nobody’s Business
56. Coney Island Baby

CD7 Rock And Roll Heart

57. I Believe In Love
58. Banging On My Drum
59. Follow the Leader
60. You Wear It So Well
61. Ladies Pay
62. Rock and Roll Heart
63. Chooser and the Chosen One
64. Senselessly Cruel
65. Claim to Fame
66. Vicious Circle
67. A Sheltered Life
68. Temporary Thing

CD8 Street Hassle:

69. Gimmie Some Good Times
70. Dirt
71. Street Hassle
72. I Wanna Be Black
73. Real Good Time Together
74. Shooting Star
75. Leave Me Alone
76. Wait

CD9 Take No Prisoners – Live:

77. Sweet Jane (Live)
78. I Wanna Be Black (Live)
79. Satellite of Love (Live)
80. Pale Blue Eyes (Live)
81. Berlin (Live)
82. I’m Waiting for the Man (Live)
83. Coney Island Baby (Live)
84. Street Hassle (Live)
85. Walk On the Wild Side (Live)
86. Leave Me Alone (Live)

CD10 The Bells:

87. Stupid Man
88. Disco Mystic
89. I Want to Boogie with You
90. With You
91. Looking for Love
92. City Lights
93. All Through the Night
94. Families
95. The Bells

CD11 Growing Up In Public:

96. How Do You Speak to an Angel
97. My Old Man
98. Keep Away
99. Growing Up In Public
100. Standing On Ceremony
101. So Alone
102. Love Is Here to Stay
103. The Power of Positive Drinking
104. Smiles
105. Think It Over
106. Teach the Gifted Children

CD12 The Blue Mask:

107. My House
108. Women
109. Underneath the Bottle
110. The Gun
111. The Blue Mask
112. Average Guy
113. The Heroine
114. Waves of Fear
115. The Day John Kennedy Died
116. Heavenly Arms

CD13 Legendary Hearts:

117. Legendary Hearts
118. Don’t Talk to Me About Work
119. Make Up Mind
120. Martial Law
121. The Last Shot
122. Turn Out the Light
123. Pow Wow
124. Betrayed
125. Bottoming Out
126. Home of the Brave
127. Rooftop Garden

CD14 New Sensations:

128. I Love You, Suzanne
129. Endlessly Jealous
130. My Red Joystick
131. Turn to Me
132. New Sensations
133. Doin’ the Things That We Want To
134. What Becomes a Legend Most
135. Fly Into the Sun
136. My Friend George
137. High In the City
138. The Great Defender (Down at the Arcade)

CD15 Mistrial:

139. Mistrial
140. No Money Down
141. Outside
142. Don’t Hurt a Woman
143. Video Violence
144. Spit It Out
145. The Original Wrapper
146. Mama’s Got a Lover
147. I Remember You
148. Tell It to Your Heart

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