Lou Reed – The Bells (1979) [Remastered 2015]

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After the harrowing triumph of Street Hassle, Lou Reed’s The Bells sounded like a bit of a step back; it returned Reed to the more listener-friendly, keyboard-dominated sound of Rock and Roll Heart, the lyrics lacked the caustic self-loathing of songs like “Dirt” or “I Wanna Be Black,” and it even featured a four-and-a-half-minute funk workout called “Disco Mystic” (hey, this was 1979). But lyrically, The Bells found Reed moving away from the boho decadence of most of his 1970s work and toward a more compassionate perspective on his characters; “Families” and “All Through the Night” display an empathy and emotional depth Reed didn’t often allow himself as a solo artist, and “Stupid Man” and “Looking for Love” rocked hard while making the loneliness of their protagonists felt. And the title cut, with Reed experimenting with a guitar synthesizer and free jazz hero Don Cherry inviting the spirit on trumpet, is both a brave exploration of musical space and a lyrically touching sketch of loss and salvation. An album that’s worn well over time, The Bells gains depth with each playing and now sounds like one of Reed’s finest solo efforts of the 1970s.

Lou Reed – vocals, electric guitar, synthesizer, bass
Ellard “Moose” Boles – 12-string electric guitar, synthesizer, bass, background vocals
Don Cherry – African hunting guitar, trumpet
Marty Fogel – ocarina, soprano & tenor saxophones, Fender Rhodes, guitar on “The Bells”
Michael Fonfara – electric & Fender Rhodes pianos, keyboards, Oberheim synthesizer, background vocals, Executive Producer
Michael Suchorsky – percussion
RenĂ© Tinne – engineer
Manfred Schunke – mixing


1 Stupid Man Lofgren, Reed 2:33
2 Disco Mystic Boles, Fogel, Fonfara, Reed … 4:30
3 I Want to Boogie With You Fonfara, Reed 3:55
4 With You Lofgren, Reed 2:22
5 Looking for Love Reed 3:29
6 City Lights Lofgren, Reed 3:22
7 All Through the Night Reed 5:00
8 Families Ellard, Reed 6:09
9 The Bells Fogel, Reed 9:17

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