Lou Reed – Mistrial (1986) [Remastered 2015]

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Lou Reed’s 1986 album “Mistrial” tends to be considered a dud in his discography. Although that’s being harsh, it’s understandable in the sense that “Mistrial” does often sound tossed off, plus some of the lyrics are really weak–it seems Lou was either going through a bit of writer’s block, and/ or feeling a little lazy. It’s unfortunate because Reed’s in excellent form vocally here, and the best stuff suggests that with some more craft & fine-tuning, this could have been a really kickass record. As it is, there are a bunch of really cool tracks–there’s the stomping rocker title track; the catchy, drum-machine driven, somewhat Chuck Berry-esque uptempo tune “No Money Down”; the toe-tapping, looping funk-rocker “Video Violence” with its hilarious wordless hook; the punchy, edgy rocker “Spit It Out” with great, crunchy guitar chords from Reed (though his ultra-primitive & hesistant lead work leaves quite a bit to be desired); and the irresistibly funky & energetic rap-flavored tune “The Original Wrapper” which is a bit lyrically rote, but amusing. On the down side, “Don’t Hurt A Woman” is a sluggish, tedious ballad; the repetitive “Outside” is kind of bland; “I Remember You” is an incredibly listless piece of filler with lyrics that are slight beyond all belief; & “Tell It To Your Heart” is, surprisingly for Reed, a pretty sappy ballad that’s additionally marred by the annoying background vocals. Obviously “Mistrial” is no masterpiece, but still, it is pretty good, and I can’t see any serious Reed fanatic finding this album to be THAT big of a disappointment, & if you see it cheap, it’s worth getting.

Lou Reed – vocals, lead, power and rhythm guitar
Eddie Martinez – rhythm guitar on “No Money Down”, “Don’t Hurt a Woman” and “The Original Wrapper”
Fernando Saunders – bass, drum programming, background vocals, rhythm guitar on “Tell It To Your Heart” and “Don’t Hurt a Woman”, piano on “I Remember You”, bass synthesizer and percussion on “Outside”
Rick Bell – tenor saxophone on “No Money Down”
J.T. Lewis – drums on “Mistrial”, “Don’t Hurt a Woman” and “Tell It To Your Heart”; percussion on “No Money Down”
Sammy Merendino – drum programming on “Don’t Hurt a Woman” and “Tell It To Your Heart”; percussion on “No Money Down”, “Video Violence” and “The Original Wrapper”
Jim Carroll – background vocals on “Video Violence”
RubĂ©n Blades – background vocals on “I Remember You” and “Tell It To Your Heart”
Bruce Lampcov – mixing
Sylvia Reed – cover design


1. “Mistrial”
2. “No Money Down”
3. “Outside”
4. “Don’t Hurt A Woman”
5. “Video Violence”
6. “Spit It Out”
7. “The Original Wrapper”
8. “Mama’s Got A Lover”
9. “I Remember You”
10. “Tell It To Your Heart”

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