Loney Hutchins – Buried Loot: Demos from the House of Cash and ‘Outlaw’ Era ’73-’78 (2021)

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Outside of a small circle of lucky insiders, most of the world has never had the opportunity to hear Loney Hutchins’ recorded output from the 1970s. Fortunately, he’s now decided to open the vault of tapes he’d been sitting on for over 40 years.
Now, with Buried Loot: Demos from the House of Cash and ‘Outlaw’ Era, ‘73-‘78, it’s impossible to imagine outlaw country without him. From the very first strains of ‘Pinball King’, the music – anchored by Hutchins’ stout voice – whisks us back to what we now view as a creative golden age. As these recordings show, he was right at the heart of it.Hutchins, who worked for Johnny Cash’s publishing imprint House of Cash for a five-year stretch during the 70s, has remained active as a singer-songwriter and bandleader since arriving in Nashville in 1972, but didn’t exactly pursue household-name status.


1. Pinball King
2. Who’s Gonna Be My Fire?
3. Paradise
4. Fool’s Gold
5. Stoney Creek
6. One More Habit
7. Wouldn’t Say It If It Wasn’t So
8. Daughter of a Railroad Man
9. I Do Declare
10. Nashville Suite
11. Every Day’s a Monday
12. We Got It All
13. Four More Reasons
14. Whippoorwill
15. Whisky Lady
16. Taxi Please
17. Five Years in Hell
18. Committed to Parkview
19. Ya Gotta Live It
20. Hillbilly Ghetto
21. Reedy Creek
22. I’ll Always Have the Good Lord Watching Over Me
23. Sheets of Green Clover
24. My Tennessee Hills

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