Lightning Dust – Lightning Dust (2007)

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lighBummer alert! For those half-to-fully-baked music fans who gloriously tripped on Mr. Stephen McBean’s wild retro-rock ride, Black Mountain, don’t go expecting a similar buzz from sobering side project Lightning Dust. Sure, they sound like they’re named after a volatile drug combination (PCP and pop rocks?), but as Lightning Dust, Black Mountaineers Amber Webber and Joshua Wells seek better living through histrionics, not chemistry. Fortunately, they didn’t also kick their awesomely nasty late 60s/early 70s rock habit, making their self-titled debut just as potent a blast from the past as their full-time band.
Webber’s dour vocals attracted some criticism on Black Mountain, and in the context of that free-wheelin’ album, the gripes are somewhat fair. However, with opening track “Listening On”, Webber and Wells make no bones about the pall cast over their new incarnation. Like nearly every track on the LP, you can count the total instrument and vocal parts on one hand, a compositional illusion that seems to catapult Webber’s stark quivering wails out of your speakers. Even ghostlier, the absence of percussion and other auxiliary touches helps to create ephemeral melodies that materialize briefly, only to vanish at the delicate touch of an organ key.

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