Left Coast Country – Pines Fly By (2016)

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The Pacific Northwest has turned into a hotbed for American roots music in the past decade and there are now more string bands than you can shake a stick at within and around the hubs of Portland and Seattle. Left Coast Country is one such band, specializing in new takes on classic bluegrass, and burning up the stages with their energetic live performances. The group’s new record, Pines Fly By.Ian Wade, the bassist for Left Coast Country tells, that his “buddy Max Weaver had a real knack for combining humor and heartbreak together in his songs and had one hell-of-a set of pipes to belt them out.

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There is an honesty in his writing and his lyrics are somewhat of a mosaic of his character and personality. He was from a small town in Pennsylvania and we all became close friends during our time spent in rural Vermont. After his passing, there was a strong urge to share Max’s songs with people across the country who may have never heard them had he still been alive. ‘Burnin’’ was one of the first songs of his that I heard (along with ‘Bus Driver’ which is also on the album) and it became a regular sing-along amongst our circle of friends- a staple, even. It remains that way today, and as more and more people sing along, it becomes more and more apparent that Max will never be forgotten.”

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