Lee Hazlewood – Dark In My Heart (2012)

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Country and pop iconoclast Lee Hazlewood was one of the music world’s most irascible geniuses during a long, fruitful career. An Oklahoma Dust Bowl refugee who grew up to become a dedicated Europhile; a production heavyweight who authored success stories for Duane Eddy and Nancy Sinatra but also a recording eccentric who refused to acknowledge mainstream tastes; a songwriter capable of crippling fatalism (“My Autumn’s Done Come”) and playful country corn (“Dolly Parton’s Guitar”), and songs that use elements of both (“Dark in My Heart”); it’s all part of the highly contradictory legend of Hazlewood.


01 – The Girls In Paris
02 – Four Kinds Of Lonely
03 – If It’s A Monday Morning
04 – I’ll Live Yesterdays
05 – I’m Glad I Never
06 – My Autumns Done Come
07 – Sand
08 – In Our Time
09 – Wait And See
10 – No Regrets
11 – For One Moment
12 – We All Make The Flowers Grow

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