Laura Nyro – New York Tendaberry [LP Limited Edition] (1969/2016)

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New York Tendaberry is the third album by New York City-born singer, songwriter and pianist Laura Nyro. It was released in the autumn of 1969 on Columbia Records, some eighteen months after its predecessor, Eli and the Thirteenth Confession. The album is generally considered by rock critics and Laura Nyro aficionados to be her greatest musical achievement.[citation needed] It was helmed by her, with the assistance of producer and engineer Roy Halee. The cover photograph was taken by David Gahr.


01. You Don’t Love Me When I Cry (4:24)
02. Captain for Dark Mornings (4:38)
03. Tom Cat Goodbye (5:32)
04. Mercy on Broadway (2:18)
05. Save the Country (4:36)
06. Gibsom Street (4:47)
07. Time and Love (4:24)
08. The Man Who Sends Me Home (2:52)
09. Sweet Lovin’ Baby (3:55)
10. Captain Saint Lucifer (3:17)
11. New York Tendaberry (5:33)

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