Lambchop – TRIP (2020)

Posted by Green on November 12, 2020as

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Recorded December 2-7, 2019, at Battletapes in Nashville, TN, and produced, engineered, and mixed by Jeremy Ferguson (with the exception of ‘Reservations’ which was co-mixed by Ferguson and Matthew McCaughan), ‘TRIP’ sounds like a culmination of the band’s older work and current work. There’s a looseness and freedom that recalls their older sound mixed with a group sophistication and innovation derived through the process of playing together for so long. The title ‘TRIP’ refers to the circumstances surrounding its creation and the endeavor of ‘touring’ itself. ‘It also seems to describe a life in music and the situations we created in our life as a band over the years,’ Wagner adds. ‘It’s been a trip.’.


1. Reservations (13:00)
2. Where Grass Won’t Grow (06:23)
3. Shirley (04:35)
4. Golden Lady (06:41)
5. Love Is Here and Now You’re Gone (03:28)
6. Weather Blues (03:25)

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