Kevin Seconds – Off Stockton (2014)

Posted by on February 21, 2014
in folk

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Sometimes, the best folksingers don’t come from the backwoods or shanty towns, or the coastal cities in the UK, but reside next door and sometimes are even in places you’d never expect to find them. KEVIN SECONDS is one of the latter kind. With his newest album OFF STOCKTON, an 11-track collection of heartfelt songs (Rise Records; February 18, 2014), this singer/songwriter splits his time crafting gorgeous rootsy folk songs with fronting legendary American hardcore punk band 7 Seconds. Stripped bare and raw, these songs have little semblance to anything from his alter ego’s domain. Off Stockton is the sound of a man and his acoustic guitar, with the occasional subtle accompaniment of assorted friends, and a whole lot of stories to tell.

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