Junior Sisk – Brand New Shade of Blue (2018)

Posted by Green on June 11, 2018as

320 kbps | 85 MB | LINKS

When Junior Sisk decides to take a step back and assess his musical direction, one must never question his motives again. Simply put, Brand New Shade Of Blue is the record Junior has been wanting, needing to make for years. “When I first started performing professionally, my goal was always to present traditional bluegrass,” says Junior. “With the loss of so many great, traditional Bluegrass artists of late—Ralph Stanley, James King, Dave Evans, and Melvin Goins—I really want to make a strong effort to keep their sound alive, as well.” That opportunity presented itself organically when Junior’s long-time band, Ramblers Choice, had a change in personnel at the end of 2017. “When Jason Davis and Kameron Keller moved on to create a new band, I really felt like it was the perfect opportunity to regroup and put more focus on my original goal. I’ve had these songs stashed away for a while and they were perfect for this record. They are modern songs featuring a traditional vocal treatment.” Junior may very well have made one of this year’s best albums, possibly the best of his career, with Brand New Shade Of Blue.

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