Joy Mills Band – Echolocator (2020)

Posted by Green on January 25, 2020as

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Seattle-based singer songwriter Joy Mills and her band begin their journey together in 2011 and have four albums to their credit. The country and roots quintet have centered their sound around Mill’s ethereal alto lead vocals and inviting songwriting. Their fifth album, Echolocator is set for a January 24, 2020 release. The 10 new tracks find the group pushing new boundaries around their core self described no frills vibe. Mills is backed by Tom Parker on bass and vocals, guitarist Lucian LaMotte along with Mike McDermott on drums and keyboardist Jack Quick. The super smooth new album is a mix of influences from progressive rock and Emo Pop with a little Country twang and West Coast soul; the embodiment of the term “adult album alternative.

The title track opens the set of Echolocator, a bit of soul-searching poetry with a distinct 80s pop feel that begins with a nod to Alex Lifeson from LaMotte’s guitar harmonics. The spacious “Get Out of Town,” makes use of all the bands instrumental and vocal talents on the lilting pop tune. All the edges are super smooth on the languid piano driven ballad “Oxygen.” The alt-country twang returns on the easy-going strummer, “Without Even Asking.” Jack Quick leads the groove with funky Wurlitzer work during the shifting “Stuck in a Rut,” and LaMotte delivers a tasty solo on the southern soul rocker “Favorite Stone.” The breezy beats and swirling sonics of “The Lonely and the Lean, “mask a darker center of introspective songwriting. LaMotte drops sweet high lonesome pedal steel over the sentimental ballad “My One and Only,” to great effect and then channels Mark Knopfler on the dreamy track “The Peace of Things.” The album closes with a sweet song, “Message Of My Love,“ that is equal parts 60s bliss and 80s theatrics, for pure pop indulgence.

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