Joni Mitchell – Comfort In Melancholy – Music and Conversation (2016)

Posted by on May 28, 2017
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Revealing and fascinating promotional radio performances from Joni in the 90’s. The first from February 1991 takes place with Murray McLauchlan on the Swinging on a Star show at CBC-FM, Toronto promoting her Night Ride Home album. The session includes “Cherokee Louise” and “Night Ride Home” from the album just released on Geffen. along with a ramshackle yet plaintive run through “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue” and a stripped and hypnotic “Hejira”. The second from KSCA-FM in Glendale, California in October 1994 where Joni plays songs from the Grammy Award winning ‘Turbulent Indigo’. An invaluable snapshot of the artist in absolute control of her craft and muse.

TRACKLIST Disc One – Swinging On A Star – CBC-FM, Toronto, February 1991 1/ Conversation 2/ Woodstock (Murray McLauchlan) 3/ Conversation 4/ Cherokee Louise 5/ Conversation 6/ Night Ride Home 7/ Conversation 8/ It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue 9/ Conversation 10/ Hejira 11/ Conversation 12/ The Circle Game Disc Two – KSCA-FM Glendale, CA October 1994 1/ Conversation 2/ Sunny Sunday 3/ Conversation 4/ The Crazy Cries of Love 5/Conversation 6/ Sex Kills 7/ Conversation 8/ Moon At The Window 9/ Conversation 10/ Face Lift 11/ Conversation 12/ Just Like This Train 13/ Conversation

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