John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers – Live In 1967 (2015)

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This special live recording is available courtesy of a hardcore Mayall fan from Holland by the name of Tom Huissen, who concealed a one-channel reel-to-reel tape recorder on his person as he attended shows at a handful of London clubs (including the legendary Marquee) in early 1967, recording the band’s performance each night. The tapes Huissen made of these shows remained unheard and unreleased until they were recently acquired by Mayall who, working with Forty Below’s Eric Corne, restored them to releasable condition. “While the source recording was very rough and the final result is certainly not hi-fidelity, it does succeed in allowing us to hear how spectacular these performances are,” says Corne in a press release for the new album.

01. All Your Love (3:54)
02. Brand New Start (4:50)
03. Double Trouble (6:30)
04. Streamline (4:00)
05. Have You Ever Loved A Woman (8:14)
06. Looking Back (2:34)
07. So Many Roads (5:50)
08. Hi Heel Sneakers (6:47)
09. I Can’t Quit You Baby (4:26)
10. The Stumble (6:42)
11. Some Day After Awhile (5:13)
12. San Ho Zay (8:09)
13. Stormy Monday (8:53)

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