John Ginty & Aster Pheonyx – Rockers (2017)

Posted by on February 18, 2017as

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The title for this record is truth in advertising because these songs do rock, led not by guitar but Ginty’s commanding keyboards. The opening and closing numbers “The Shark” and “Rockers” are the only ones that involve no vocals; the former is a strong album launcher due to a fonky, fuzzy bass line from Justine Gardner and Ginty’s monstrous B3. For the latter, Ginty manages to make it sound oh so close to a heavy metal guitar, like Jon Lord amped up.

Just as Robert Randolph, The Dixie Chicks and Carlos Santana know a good keyboardist when they hear one, the keyboardist John Ginty likewise has an ear for spotting singing talent. Even better, it’s a singing talent that’s a good match for his keyboard talent because both rock with a lot of soul, and the songwriting partnership is already paying off dividends. Rockers could be the beginning of a beautiful musical relationship.

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