Joan As Police Woman, Tony Allen, Dave Okumu – The Solution Is Restless (2021)

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Joan As Police Woman – the project of Joan Wasser – has announced a collaborative new album titled ‘The Solution is Restless’, written and recorded with the late Tony Allen and The Invisible’s Dave Okumu.

‘The Solution is Restless’ is the ninth studio album by Wasser under her long-running project. It is also one of the final studio recordings of Allen, who died in April 2020.


1. The Barbarian (11:45)
2. Get My Bearings (4:47)
3. Take Me To Your Leader (3:32)
4. Masquerader (4:30)
5. Dinner Date (2:12)
6. Enter the Dragon (5:53)
7. Geometry Of You (5:41)
8. The Love Has Got Me (4:48)
9. Perfect Shade of Blue (4:28)
10. Reaction (8:12)

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