Jimmy Page & Robert Plant – No Quarter World Tour Highlights [6CD Set] (1997)

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Jimmy Page and Robert Plant shocked fans when they reunited for MTV’s Unledded special in October 1994 — and sent them into a state of bliss when they decided to take their renewed partnership on the road for a lengthy world tour, starting Feb. 26, 1995, in Pensacola, Fla.

As they’d made clear by dissolving the band after drummer John Bonham’s death in 1980, Page and Plant weren’t interested in suggesting a Led Zeppelin reunion, and they drew a further line between their new project and the past by neglecting to invite former Zep bassist John Paul Jones. Still, for those who’d been hoping for updated yet still recognizable takes on Zeppelin classics, the 1995 tour’s configuration — featuring a six-piece rock band, 29 British classical string players and 11 Egyptian folk musicians — still had to come as something of a surprise.

“I suppose we were trying to reinvent our musical personality,” explained Plant during a press conference before the tour launched. “Jimmy and I have always had this leaning to the East. We went to India in 1971, you know, and recorded an orchestra in Bombay. There’s a very good bootleg out in Japan of that recording, highly recommended. Then in 1973 we went to Morocco, and I’ve been back there a lot. I’m just a little bit Moroccan!”

While certainly not without precedent in the Zeppelin catalog — or Plant’s own solo outings — the Eastern lean of the Page & Plant project also represented a way for the duo to carry the partnership forward without being suffocated under the baggage of their old band’s tremendous legacy. And although a few of the longtime faithful may have cringed at the notion that the whole thing got started thanks to a phone call from MTV, both men took pains to point out that there was absolutely nothing cynical about their reunion.

“I’ve been looking forward to working with Robert for so long, and have been looking in that interim period for someone I could have the same rapport with as I had with Robert,” Page admitted to Mojo. “And it’s certainly come back.”


Taken From 1995-1996 World Tour
1/1 Intro-Sick Again
1/2 Bring It On Home
1/3 Ramble On
1/4 Thats The Way
1/5 Since Ive Been Loving You
1/6 Babe Im Gonna Leave You – Stairway To Heaven
1/7 Shake My Tree
1/8 Thank You
1/9 Gallows Pole
1/10 Hey Hey What Can I Do

2/1 The Song Remains The Same
2/2 Heartbreaker
2/3 Going To California
2/4 Custard Pie
2/5 Over The Hills And Far Away
2/6 The Rain Song
2/7 Hurdy Gurdy Solo – Nobody’s Fault But Mine
2/8 What Is And What Should Never Be
2/9 Whole Lotta Love (18-Min Version Inc. It’s A Mans World / Break On Through / Dazed And Confused)

3/1 Friends
3/2 Four Sticks
3/3 In The Evening
3/4 Black Dog
3/5 Kashmir (15-Min Version)
3/6 Cleveland Rain (Encore)
3/7 Rock And Roll (Encore)

Live At The Point Depot, Dublin, Ireland 7/19/1995
4/1 Whole Lotta Love
4/2 Friends
4/3 Four Sticks
4/4 Kashmir
4/5 Black Dog (Encore)
4/6 The Song Remains The Same (Encore)

Live At Civic Center, Hartford, CT. USA 10/21/1995
5/1 Dancing Days
5/2 In The Evening
5/3 Black Dog
5/4 Kashmir (16-Min Version)
5/5 Friends
5/6 Four Sticks

Live At Apoteose Square, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 1/27/1996
6/1 Introduction
6/2 The Wanton Song
6/3 Bring It On Home
6/4 Heartbreaker
6/5 Ramble On
6/6 No Quarter
6/7 Hurdy Gurdy Solo
6/8 Gallows Pole
6/9 Since I’ve Been Loving You
6/10 The Song Remains The Same
6/11 Going To California
6/12 Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
6/13 Whole Lotta Love (Inc. Smoke Stack Lightning / Living Loving Maid / Break On Through / Dazed And Confused)
6/14 Friends (Cut)


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