Jetty Rae – Can’t Curse the Free (2017)

Posted by on February 20, 2017as

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There is no lie when it is stated that Jetty Rae is untethered. The self-imposed nomad has been living in her vintage 1979 Jet Stream trailer with her husband, two children and their pug for quite a while. This adventuring lifestyle imprints itself all over the her new album, Can’t Curse The Free. The free-spirited and unconventional essence of the festival veteran singer-songwriter life gives her songs an equally unconventional feel to them, but in a wonderfully charming manner.

The first single, “Queen of the Universe”, is a powerful anthem that is meant to ease tensions among family members. It is a full of bluesy guitar riffs and strong percussions that give the track a brilliant foundation. While Rae‘s pure folk-rock vocals are nothing short of spectacular, this track is a bit of an anthem. There is something magical about when she hits those soaring notes flawlessly, then can switch to a low gravel that shows her versatility within a single song.

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