Jesse Winchester – Defying Gravity (2016)

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Jesse Winchester release Defying Gravity a live album, although there is little sound of an audience on the tracks (rarely is applause heard at the end of songs, for instance), and the recording is otherwise unidentified in the release by the AIM label. Aural evidence and song selection, however, suggest that this 65-minute recording chronicles Winchester’s touring band of about 1977. The material comes largely from his early albums Jesse Winchester; Third Down, 110 to Go; Learn to Love It; Let the Rough Side Drag; and Nothing But a Breeze, and it is notable, for instance, that in performing “Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt” (from the 1974 Learn to Love It), Winchester updates the lyric to refer to President Jimmy Carter, who took office in January 1977 and immediately pardoned Vietnam War resistors like Winchester, who had moved to Canada in 1967 rather than submit to the military draft.

1. Payday (4:39)
2. Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt (2:50)
3. Bowling Green (4:19)
4. Midnight Bus (2:59)
5. Nothing But A Breeze (4:14)
6. Defying Gravity (3:07)
7. Let The Rough Side Drag (2:41)
8. Seems Like Only Yesterday (2:47)
9. It Takes A Young Girl (3:28)
10. Black Dog (4:06)
11. Twigs And Seeds (2:48)
12. Isn’t That So (4:19)
13. Brand New Tennessee Waltz (4:14)
14. Jambalaya (2:57)
15. Rhumba Man (3:03)

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