Jenny Sturgeon – From the Skein (2016)

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Jenny’s lyrics and album arrangements fuse traditional Scottish folk styles with contemporary influences from her home region – the north east of Scotland. With songs about local history, folklore and modern life, the themes and feelings of the songs ebb and flow through the album, and as a biologist, nature creeps in to all of Jenny’s work.

From The Skein features Jenny’s regular bandmates and the album co-arrangers – multi-instrumentalists Jonny Hardie (Old Blid Dogs), Davy Cattanach (Catford) and Grant Anderson (Brothers Reid). Special guests include Fraser Fifield on whistle and sax, Brian McAlpine on accordion and cello player Aongus Mac Amhlaigh. Guest vocalists include Indian Carnatic singer Rahul K Ravindran and gaelic singer Ana Maia MacLellan.

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