Jeff Michaels – Gritty Music for Scrappy People (2018)

Posted by Green on July 5, 2018as

320 kbps | 138 MB | LINKS

The title says it all. Let’s face it; I’ve played some fucked up places. My first gig was a last minute pickup gig in a southside icehouse (I was 14, the fellas were in their 20’s – legal!!) where we played ZZ Top, Hendrix and BB King songs all night and had a hell of a time – I was hooked. I started playing the roadhouses. icehouses and biker bars.. Dozens of bands, hundreds of bars and many cities later, little has changed, but everything’s changed (lol), only I play my songs now and the place still gets rowdy. I have a large, wonderful family to support, so I’m pretty much as blue collar as it gets (it never turns out like you think it will), but I’m always writing and recording, so this is my musical life just for you. I thank you for listening, and if you ever find yourself in Austin, Texas, drop me a line, I’ll show you the gritty places and we’ll get a few cold ones!

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