Jeb Barry and The Pawn Shop Saints – Texas, etc…(2018)

Posted by Green on March 11, 2018as

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Jeb Barry and the Pawn Shop Saints, “texas, etc…” (DollyRocker Recordings)- Prolific songwriter Jeb Barry delves deeply into the dark underside of the American dream as he unveils his splendid new double album, “texas,etc…” The contents are equally divided between more muscular, full band arrangements and sparse, solo orientated ditties which compare favourably with the work of illustrious balladeers such as Guy Clark, Steve Earle and Townes van Zandt. “Gravel Roads and Whiskey Bars,” “Galveston 92” and “I Can’t Live In Houston Anymore” capture the essence of Jeb’s appealingly world weary brand of Americana.

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