Jan Galega Brönnimann, Moussa Cissokho, Omri Hason – Al Nge Taa (2016)

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The music of MOUSSA CISSOKHO (Senegal), JAN GALEGA BRÖNNIMANN (Switzerland) and OMRI HASON (Israel) revives the art of storytelling. The trio crosses borders between traditional and modern sounds from Africa, Europe and the Orient. The pearly clear sound of the kora meets the sonorous, smoky tones of the bass clarinet and is supported by OMRI HASON’s various percussion instruments.

Elegantly, these elements weave together to create authentic and contemporary world / chamber music full of beautiful melodies and rhythmic variety. “Al Nge Taa” is the first release of this trio – meaning “let’s move!” in Mandinka, a language spoken in Gambia, Mali and Senegal. The repertoire comes from all three musicians and shows their different influences.

The meeting of the three cultures, the choice of instruments and the rich fund of ideas, melodies and rhythms makes “Al Nge Taa” a unique album. JAN GALEGA BRÖNNIMANN was born in Cameroon, now lives in Switzerland and has already worked with NILS PETTER MOLVAER, SIDSEL ENDRESEN or PIERRE FAVRE. With his band BRINK MAN SHIP he toured worldwide for the last 17 years. MOUSSA CISSOKHO is one of the great and famous kora players and singers from Senegal. Born and raised in an influential griot family, he was taught at an early age by his father, traveling with him and playing at traditional ceremonies Senegal, Guinea and elsewhere in Africa.

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