James Williamson and the Pink – Behind the Shade (2018)

Posted by Green on July 4, 2018as

320 kbps | 107 MB | LINKS

For the new band, James Williamson and The Pink Hearts, a seriously rockin’ collection of music.

Williamson has teamed with Frank Meyer and Petra Haden on a new album, Behind The Shade under the band name James Williamson and The Pink Hearts.

The new band is the latest project from the guitarist who wrote some of the hottest rock anthems in history like “Search and Destroy” and “Raw Power” with lyricist and The Stooges frontman Iggy Pop.

The new band is comprised of violinist and singer Haden and guitarist-lyricist and frontman Meyer and despite its off-color name, it’s Rock N Roll to the core.

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