Heirlooms of August – Down at the 5-Star (2013)

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heMusician and songwriter Jerry Vessel is at it again. Working under Heirlooms of August, one of his many ongoing projects, Vessel this time sets to marry poetry and simplicity in Heirlooms’ sophomore album, Down at the 5-Star. Described as “chamber Americana,” Down at the 5-Star is just that – one part skilled, technical composition and another twangy, hollow pieces with simple stories that sing of relatable subjects. The album is without the heavy tinge that surrounds the Americana image, however. It is softer, more melancholic, almost as if the group were trying to create a heartland caricature around their string-driven, melodious core. Simple, observant lyrics mask heavier emotion and a more nuanced soul. Their poetry is in their imagery, taking small depictions and moments and making them stand out against the whine of the strings, setting something remarkably humble against the chamber-esque, old world tones that form the album’s backbone.

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