Hayseed Dixie – Blast From the Grassed (2020)

Posted by Green on February 13, 2020as

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Appalachian Mountain hellraisers, Hayseed Dixie, the creators of the “Rockgrass” genre, return for their 20th Anniversary in 2020 with “Blast From the Grassed.” This moonshine-inspired collection finds the band bringing the retro party reimagining classic guilty-pleasures songs from the Golden Era of pop-rock. If you already love Hayseed Dixie, you’ll love this album; if you think they suck ass, this record will only confirm that for you. A major Ireland and UK tour is coming in March 2020 to promote the release. Tour dates, hype, and bullshitt social media routers here: www.hayseed-dixie.com . Performed by Hayseed Dixie: John Wheeler: lead voice, acoustic guitar, fiddle, jaw harp // Jake Bakesnake Byers: acoustic bass, baritone and bass voice // Tim Carter: banjo, tenor voice // Hippy Joe Hymas: mandolin, pub voice.


1. Africa (3:21)
2. Staying Alive (4:58)
3. Suspicious Minds (3:41)
4. Take On Me (3:07)
5. Tainted Love (2:30)
6. You Need To Calm Down (2:37)
7. Shout (4:54)
8. Mrs. Robinson (3:11)
9. Sweet Dreams Are Made of This (3:19)
10. Dancing Queen (3:01)
11. Eternal Flame (2:34)
12. Blue Monday (4:35)

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