Have Gun, Will Travel – Science From An Easy Chair (2015)

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320 kbps / 101 MB / UL / UA

A century after Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew survived months stranded on the frozen ocean, Bradenton’s Have Gun, Will Travel are giving an epic tip of the cap to the harrowing tale of men who refused to die when all signs pointed to their obliteration at the hands of mother nature. In so many ways, fifth full-length Science From An Easy Chair is also a reboot for the long-adored Americana outfit.

The first song penned for the project, “True Believers,” came after frontman Matt Burke took a year off songwriting to find a more focused approach. Combined with production from new compatriot Shawn Kyle (Beauvilles, AMFMS), Burke & Co. have achieved it. Much of the album shines with familiar HGWT sonic tenets – Scott Anderson guitar wizardry, anthems for choruses, steady and stern rhythm from J.P. Beaubien — but every second packs added muscle and is marked by lyrics, melody, and arrangements that can turn tales of melancholy into majesty, and despair into conquest. Despite an already impressive catalog, Science is easily HGWT’s best. And it may be the beginning of their golden age.

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